Takeru-yu has two large baths, one for men and one for women.

The main baths ware hewn out of solid 20-ton rocks by Tateo Tajima, taking half a year. As you soak in the water, you get a real sense of the bath being a part of the land.

Open to the public 12:00-15:00. Reservations can be made for private usage at other times. There is no charge for reservation.

Private onsen facilities "Utase-yu/Ramune-yu"

Our private onsen facilities, Utase-yu/Ramune-yu take their water from a geothermal well that has been naturally producing fresh water since long ago. ancient times. In addition to improving blood circulation, the carbon dioxide in the water feels good on the skin. Enjoy how soft the water feels as you soak.

There is no washing area, so please wash your hair at Takeru-yu before bathing here. This onsen can be used as a private bath (no charge for usage) until midnight (24:00).